Sunday, October 7, 2018

Writing Prompt

Writers know all about writing prompts. They are those little anecdotes, suggestions, keywords, or photos that get you thinking about something that has occurred in your life, whether recent or distant past.

Today's writing prompt, for me, is from the book The Writer's Block by Jason Rekulak. It is a tiny book, just big enough to remain noticeable and small enough to fit on the shelf above my desk. Despite sometimes supporting a few dust bunnies and other times acting as a tether for a newly-constructed spider web, its pages are accessible for that all-important encouragement a writer needs from time to time. It is part decor and always reference.

The Writer's Block was originally published in 2001 - that's when I purchased mine, I think - and has made it through several 'ain't mov'n this' fling events when my life has taken me to a new place and a thinning out of personal items was needed . This little block book always makes that packing crate.

Tonight's writing prompt says, "Write about the worst driving you've ever done."

A tough subject. There's so much to choose from. I guess, it was the one involving the horse.

blue moon
Moon Photo by @chuttersnap on
Picture this - Blacktop northwest of Windsor, Colorado. It's 1987ish or so. Ahead of me there is a full moon cradled between the twin peaks of the foothills west of Fort Collins. It's about 6:30 in the morning. I am driving to work at my job as a security officer when I look up to observe the gorgeous full moon in repose. WHAM! The white Chevy van in front of me hits a horse (it was open range - no fences) that bolted across the road in front of it. Of course, I slammed on my brakes but hit the van anyway. The horse? It was only dazed after being struck by the van. It got up and ran away. I was late for work. My Mercury Lynx was totaled. The Chevy van had a bad day from both ends - damaged radiator and bent rear bumper. I still have mixed feelings about horses. They're beautiful, graceful, generally friendly, but I think they're also troublemakers.

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