Saturday, January 19, 2019

Arches National Park Ride This Morning

Yesterday it began snowing pretty steadily around three o'clock and kept going until late last night. Today, it's freezing cold and blustery outside - certainly not a hospitable climate for cycling - and more snow is expected. I wonder. Do they make studded snow tires for bicycles? (Turns out Schwalbe does.)

No worries. Today, I'm off to Arches National Park, via YouTube. The cyclist, Jerry Nolan, filmed this morning's video back in April of this year. I've ridden to this video before. It is filled with wonderful scenery and the music is pretty good too. If you want to check out even more of his videos, click on his name above and you'll be taken to his YouTube page. Or, right-click on it and open it in a new tab if you want to stay here on the blog and keep reading.

If you're stuck inside because of inclement weather, and if you have been seeking a good excuse to dig that exercise bike (or treadmill) out from beneath the clothes, shopping bags, or jackets that seem to gravitate toward it from time to time (mine attracts that stuff too), now is your chance. Leave the snow shoveling and window scraping for later, at least until the wind dies down.

Once you have your workout clothes on, and have uncovered the bike (or treadmill) and pulled it out of its hiding place and put it in front of your computer or television (if it's too heavy you may want to move the computer or TV instead), or whatever you're watching on, you can click the video image above, (make it full screen by clicking bottom right corner to the icon with four little right-angles on it), and start pedaling. Don't forget to stretch a bit first to warm up those muscles. I add in some hand weight exercises for the first ten minutes of the ride just to work the upper muscles.

Okay. Do you have your water bottle? Well, then, you're all set. Enjoy the scenery.

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