Saturday, January 12, 2019

It's A Good Day To Be A Writer

Days like today make me extra thankful I'm an author. It's a perfect day for staying in and editing the new novel, as well as finishing the nonfiction manuscripts that are so near completion I can't seem to type fast enough to get to the final chapters.

I did venture out . . . for twenty minutes. I helped clear the heavy snow off one of the vehicles, after trudging to the trash bins to stash a couple of bags for the trash collectors to pick up on Monday, if they can get here.

We're eight and half miles from town. Provided the wind doesn't pick up and drift the nearby blacktop shut, and they can navigate the roller-coaster hills from the state highway, the collectors should be able to make the journey. I won't be trying to get to town, though, at least not today.

The snow measured 7" deep in the yard, on a fairly level spot. That is what has fallen in just the last nineteen hours. The forecast shows the snow will continue for another seven hours. It's coming down at a pretty good pace. Still, we should be thankful for it. The rain we previously received and this snowfall will mean better ground for planting in the spring, and Lord willing, a bountiful harvest in the fall.

Writing and editing are my favorite snowy-day activities, supplemented with some hot tea, and maybe some baking later. That should round the day out nicely.

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