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V8 Eggs

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No, I'm not talking about high-horse-powered food. Well, maybe I am. This morning food combination is like protein and carbs on rails!

Eggs, whether boiled, fried, poached, pickled,or used as an ingredient in another recipe pack a great punch in the protein department. I think of them as one of God's perfect proteins. He has a great number of proteins that are good for the body, but this one is especially helpful. And, like the others, eggs are beneficial if taken in moderation.

Green Eggs and Ham (Beginner Books(R)) by [Dr. Seuss]I say that because if you go searching on the Internet you'll find at least dozens and dozens of different perspectives on whether you should or should not eat eggs. Those views range from eat none, eat one, eat two, eat three, eat them boiled not fried, eat them baked not boiled, eat them dyed green with ham if that makes you happy. I am definitely on the "for" side of the argument, again if eaten in moderation with a dash of common sense. 

I don't eat eggs all day, but I do allow myself one or two each day, sometimes a third one if I need a protein snack and nothing else is available, which is rare. Sometimes I split them up and eat one at breakfast and one in the early afternoon. Whatever works, works. 

Since the primary focus lately is to encourage a decline in blood sugar to healthier levels, I have been searching for quick and easy breakfast recipes that fill me up and energize me, and that help me get those necessary veggies in relative balance to the protein. So, for the last few days, I've been drinking a glass of V8 Juice (Original) and eating two hard-boiled eggs after my morning workout. 

V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice
It's amazing how so little can stay with you for so long. On Day One, I wasn't hungry for a good part of the day after consuming these and when I took my BS reading about six hours later, it was the lowest it's been in over a month. Hmm. Here's a recipe to hold on to, and repeat, repeat, repeat, augmented with one or two other healthy meals later in the day. Did I mention I've lost two pounds in the last few days? I could lose thirty times that amount and be quite content, but then I would have to buy new clothes. Wait, that's good thing, right? 

V8 Low Sodium Original 100% Vegetable Juice 6Pk
I started drinking V8 again after my saline levels dropped to very dangerous levels due to an illness and my own stupidity. Prior to that emergency trip to the doctor, I was working hard to remove salt from my diet because, according to everything I was reading, salt was an evil thing that contributed to high blood pressure and it should be avoided as much as possible. I did a REALLY good job of avoiding it. Too good, it seems. Who knew I was that talented? I really scared the doctor. But, she's doing much better now.

In order to bring my body's salt content back up in a healthy way, I declined the hospital visit and the saline IV and went to the store. I then started drinking a little V8 every day and it worked. There is a low-sodium version of this same product as well and I may switch to that at some point, because, when I started allowing salt again I suddenly remembered where we keep the salt shakers and I've been applying a little to my eggs in the morning, in whatever form I consume them. I also plan to keep this product as a regular part of my diet. 

Ziploc 1Cup Small Rectangle Containers & Lids 5CtSo, if you're looking for a light start to your day that will stay with you for a few hours, you could try this. The nicest thing is, if you have to scoot out the door in a hurry, you can pour the juice in a bottle or grab one of the little cans (I keep mine chill'n in the fridge) and keep a couple of peeled, chilled hard-boiled eggs in a snack bag or reusable grab-and-go small container. I boil and peel them in groups of six. Then I can divide them by twos and put them in the portable-egg-container of my choice, then just rush on. Salt is optional.

Another upside to this "recipe," is, if you happen to hit the brakes too hard while driving and send the sealed egg container flying . . . well, let's just say they make a lot less mess than a slice of toast with peanut butter that you put set on the dash and didn't eat before the deer ran out in front of you. Of course, your vehicle would have a nutty scent to it, which isn't entirely unpleasant.

Note: I am not an affiliate of the product manufacturers mentioned, nor of the retailers. 
Just offering the info for your consideration. 

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