Thursday, February 7, 2019

Brisk Winds Frigid Temps

Did I mention it was really cold?
landscape photo of snow covered mountain
Original photo of by @lesanderson

It's a bit too brisk to be outside today. There are below-zero wind chills and fast-moving breezes.

I don't live at the location where this photo was taken, Oregon I think, but this represents what I mean about cold breezes.

It started raining around midnight, after a freezing mist fell earlier in the day yesterday, coating everything, causing those who tried to stand up to fall down if they made one false step. The sound of that chunky rain hitting the roof meant that the morning commute was going to be treacherous. When I checked the road conditions, I was right. I was fortunate, I didn't have to get out. I was able to telecommute today. Nice. One less car and driver on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Cost savings!

You normally wouldn't catch me pedaling outside in this kind of weather, but I did do some cycling this morning. I pedaled fifteen miles, on the indoor bike, while the winds howled. They're still howling, as a matter of fact, at about 25-35 mph. I don't even pedal that fast, which means if I were outside I couldn't outrun them.

They say that tailwinds are a cyclist's best friend, especially when climbing hills. They give you that little extra momentum you need to tackle the incline. I don't think they meant -15° tailwinds, though.

close-up photo of purple petaled flower
Original photo by @aaronburden
We're hopeful for less ice and bluster for tomorrow, even though we get to keep the cold temps for a day or two longer. I'm marking the days off on the calendar. Spring has to follow winter, after all. It's been that way since the formed the earth. He knows what he's doing.

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