Saturday, February 2, 2019

Powered by Pasta

The earth, our little corner of it at least, was in a fog today. It was having a difficult time making up its mind whether it would be hot or cold, or somewhere in between. The "in between" resulted in that milky-white ethereal environment that Hollywood has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve for its films. We get it for free here.

My day started off with a short cycle ride, on the exercise bike, of about ten miles. It took just under an hour to complete. The bulk of the day's remaining activity involved shopping, and then an early dinner at Olive Garden. I can never be satisfied with just the salad and breadsticks, but they're definitely a treat. I have to have pasta when I go there. It's probably a rule, anyway.

The pasta of choice was spaghetti with meat sauce. That which I make at home is never as good as Olive Garden's. Perhaps mine doesn't taste as good because there's so much labor involved, mine. It's nice to let someone else do the cooking. It's also nice to let someone else get the check. I did the driving for the day and the one driven paid for supper.

In addition to the salad, breadsticks, and spaghetti, we ordered an appetizer. Pasta chips with lasagna sauce for dipping. I can't say the new dish will be added to my "favorites" list. It tasted, well, like lasagna, and the chips were okay. Perhaps we should have opted for a dessert instead. The excellent service made up for what the appetizer lacked.

When I arrived back home, it was time to pedal again. I have to say, the first five miles of the fifteen-mile ride were a challenge with all that food still processing, but when the carbs kicked in the pedaling became easier. With each passing mile, I felt less guilty for having stuffed myself an hour earlier. In the end, the pasta-powered bicycle ride wasn't so bad. In addition, while pedaling, I was able watch a really interesting murder mystery film from 1979. It stars Hal Holbrook. Katherine Ross, and others. No spoilers here, but I can say the ending will twist your brain into knots.

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