Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Whitl'n Down That Goal

Edited Photo. Original photo by
Donald Giannatti@wizwow

The original goal was fifty miles per day, pedaling a two-wheeled machine whose predecessors got their start in the early 19th Century in Germany. It was called a laufmaschine then, and later called different things around the world, like the dandy horse, velocipede, draisienne, pedestrian curricle, or hobby horse. While it has gone by many names through the centuries, the most popular named today is 'bicycle' here in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. Or, an 'adult trike' if you favor the three-wheeled version. The earliest verifiable introduction of this vehicle is 1817. So, to say the least, it has staying power.

I have been trying to track the distance, time, and calorie burn experienced through this type of exercise to see if it really has a great deal of effect against blood sugar levels. It does have a nominal momentary effect, for the better. Many of the things I try have implemented provide temporary, albeit minimal, reduction. Daisy-chaining a lot of minimally beneficial things together throughout the day works fairly well.

Bicycling is fun, in addition to being healthy. I set a daily goal of fifty miles. I'm almost there. Yesterday was the highest daily mileage achieved in a single session, 20.3 miles on the morning ride.  was aiming for twenty and overshot the goal. It took just over two hours to complete and burned off over 490 calories. The goal now is to add an extra ten-mile ride at the end of the day, to make thirty, and sustain that for the next two weeks.

If you're at all interested in bicycling, I encourage you to try it. You don't have to go for fifty miles per day, but any goal above zero can help your health.   

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