Saturday, March 9, 2019

Pedaling Toward Wellness Updates

In November of 2018, when another bacteria and diabetes tried to kill me for a third time, I implemented some new things in my regimen and added back in some exercise. I just went back and updated the post Pedaling Toward Wellness Again.
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The short story on the two things needing update are:

  • First, that I think I may have been or was becoming allergic to the aloe vera juice I was putting in the smoothies. I have since stopped using it. 
  • Second, the grating of whole, frozen lemons and adding that to my water had no appreciable difference on blood sugar numbers. In fact, using the fresh-squeezed juice and pulp in slightly higher concentration provided more benefits.
I am still pedaling toward wellness, and the daily numbers have risen considerably. I have also added in light hand weights just to keep things interesting. By the end of today I will have ridden 25-30 miles, pumped a little iron two or three times, and done about 25-50 squats. I'm still aiming for fifty miles on the bike, and the squats were added for another reason. Yes, I have a reason. I am working on improving balance and being able to be up and moving around on my feet for longer periods. That, too, is improving, in part because of better insoles (Dr. Scholl's Plantar Faciaitis) and light-compression stockings (Miracle Copper). They are helping reduce and control the pain associated with that.

I don't think there is a 'miracle' associated with them, nor do I think 'copper' has anything to do with relieving the nervy feet and leg fatigue. The fabric tends to massage your feet and legs when you move, and moving is better than remaining sedentary all the time because your feet and legs hurt. I tried the Copper Fit brand, as well, and they're nice, but they're more expensive, harder to get here locally, and they tend to be a bit too long from heel to knee than the Miracle Copper pairs. Plan on replacing either brand you choose after about two years of continual use and repeated washings as the elasticized fibers will began to break and lose some of their compression ability.

Aspercreme helps with the achy joints too. Use it liberally. Apply it before you work out, on knees, arms, shoulders, ankles, and you may not have muscle aches later. Just say'n. 

So, fifteen of those cycling miles mentioned above are already behind me. I'll try for another seven now and then five to seven miles later and we'll see what that adds up to. [I added another ten miles. I should have pushed for another five, but it gave me a new goal for today. 03/11/19)

In between pedaling sessions, I do a little editing on the two nonfiction manuscripts and think about the next book in the Cozy American Castle Mystery series. It's cold and raining outside. What else is there to do?

Note: I am not an affiliate of the products or the retailers linked above. I get no funding for placing the links. Just sharing some in case your body is also aching, tired, or in need of support, because as we all come to learn eventually age and gravity hate us. 

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