Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Have You Been Purged?

Voted printed papers on white surfaceVoting is an important expression of American citizenship. Are you registered? More importantly, have you been purged from the rolls?

As of 2018, in different parts of the country, millions were purged from voter rolls. Whether you voted in the last election or not, it might be a good idea to check to be sure you're still registered to vote, because the purges continue. You can do that at your local clerk's office, and register if you find you're not. If you're a Missouri resident, you can check online here. 

Voting is one of many rights that Americans don't want to lose, but it is, for many, a right at risk. And for those who travel frequently for work or pleasure, if you happen to be away from your 'domicile' you will want to explore the rules for filing an absentee ballot. It's a fairly simple process, in most areas.

Please, take time to check your voter registration status so that your vote can be counted in the next election.

More on this topic as of 2018.  Don't let yourself be counted among the purged.

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