Monday, May 13, 2019

Momentum Is Everything

It's important to keep moving on a bicycle. Momentum is everything. Life is like that. (Read that again with a Forrest Gump accent now. Sounds better, doesn't it?)

If we don't keep moving forward, life has a way of sneaking up on us and running us over. Momentum is everything.

Personal challenges are hills. There are small ones, and large ones, and just about every size in between. It's important to keep them in the proper perspective, adjust your gearing when necessary, and learn to breathe. Oh, and enjoy those times when you get to coast down hills. Momentum is everything.

You can keep the mental momentum going even when you're parked by the curb. You may need to make changes to your route, plan in a few enjoyable detours, avoid some sections of road that have become too rough or that don't help you keep pace with the responsibilities in your life. Momentum is everything.

I hope, today, that you're moving forward. Remember, it is a race we're in, but it's an endurance race not a sprint. Momentum is everything. Just focus on that, and remember to breathe.

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