Monday, June 24, 2019

Increasing Tension

man riding bike in front of building during daytime
If that pack were any heavier and the hill
steeper, he'd probably tip over backward. Just say'n.

Original photo by @joelstylis on
For the last couple of days I've been trying to increase miles ridden, as well as the tension on the bike, clicking up and down through the next two highest levels to mimic those monster hills west of town.

Through the window of a vehicle, they're not so intimidating, unless they're covered in snow and ice. Then they are, again, the roller coaster they appear to be. 

On a bicycle, especially to a rider unaccustomed to pedaling those types of hills, they're monsters. I can see why folks favor cycling out along the flat stretches of Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, or riding the Rails to Trails paths.

I will eventually master those hills . . . I'm pretty sure. For now, the tension setting on the trainer is growing closer to being maxed out. What then? Weights. 

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